exploring the world at a snail’s pace

making new friends + trying unfamiliar foods +  scouting the best playgrounds

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About us

We're a family of 4 trying to see as much of the world as possible.

So far, we've visited almost 50 countries together - many of them with our two toddlers (ages 2.5 and 1!) in tow. The 2-year-old has ridden a horse (solo!) up to a waterfall in the mountains of Colombia and taste-tested gelato on a road trip across Sicily.

We love sharing our adventures traveling as a family to hopefully inspire you to do the same. We'll never say traveling with toddlers is .... easy .... but the best things in life never are, are they?

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  • 6 continents visited
  • 52 countries visited
  • 26 k miles covered
  • 199 planes flown
  • 2 kids in tow!