Authentic Cambodia

We spent about 10 days exploring the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia in early 2019 – with our seven-month-old daughter. She loved the windblown feel of the backseat of a tuk-tuk and, like all new parents, we were thrilled that everyone loved our pale, chubby baby.

But, really: Cambodia is a country full of surprises. Its history, particularly its pretty recent history, is tremendously sad, but the people are kind and welcoming, despite everything they’ve experienced.

We landed in Phnom Penh and enjoyed touring museums and temples, but also sought out as many restaurants as possible to get our fill of the delicious coffee + food.

From Phnom Penh, we headed to the seaside town of Kep, which had a much slower pace than the capital city. We walked along the water, watched as they caught fresh crab for dinner and then headed to the famous Kampot pepper farms.

Then, we flew domestically to Siem Reap and we were able to visit Ankor Wat at sunrise– something I’ll always remember.