The Ultimate Travel Companion

I’ve put together a handy packing list just for my clients so your journey can be as smooth and stress-free as possible. It’s taken me many, many trips to figure out the products and items that I prefer (while not packing up my entire house!), so please note that every single one of the items listed below is something my family and I travel with…. although you may find some items more useful than others. Dive in below – and don’t forget to click the words in blue for links directly to specific products I recommend:


  • Power bank for charging on the go
  • AirPods
  • AirPod adapter to plug into the airplane’s seat-back entertainment
  • Compression socks are a lifesaver for long flights!
  • Neck pillow (not necessary when traveling in Business class)
  • Sleep Mask (not necessary when traveling in Business class)
  • Ear Plugs (not necessary when traveling in Business class)
  • Washcloth for plane
  • AirTag for any checked luggage
    – If you connect an AirTag to your phone and then place the AirTag in your checked luggage before checking it, you can easily track the location of your luggage, even before the airline updates you (or in case the airline does not update you!)

Out of Country Travel:

  • Universal travel adapter(s)
    – Most European countries use different shaped plugs (so you’ll need an adapter for your American plug to fit) and different electricity voltage, too (American voltage is typically 120 volts, while European voltage is 230 volts. This difference means that electrical devices designed for use in the US, where the standard voltage is lower, may not be compatible with European outlets without a voltage converter or adapter. Many items, such as iPhone chargers or Apple laptop charges, are “dual voltage” meaning that they can convert the voltage without help – so only an adapter is needed – but items such as hairdryers or curling irons may burn or stop working if plugged in with only an adaptor. Be sure to check the voltage requirements of your devices and use appropriate converters to avoid damage.
  • Plug Adapters
    – Keep in mind that you’ll need to charge on your trip: cell phone, laptop, Apple Watch, etc., so you may also want to include some cheaper adapters
  • Dual Voltage Hair Dryer or Hair Dryer Brush
    – Hotels often provide hair dryers, so you may not wish to bring your own, but I really like traveling with the hair dryer brush, which is similar to the one I use at home.
  • Sunrise Lamp
    • This travel-sized wake-up light alarm clock is a jet-lag hack that we can’t live without. It’s pricey but worth it to us, so I can’t help but recommend it!
  • Bandaids/first aid kit
  • Foldable jackets
  • Packing cubes
  • Silicone liquid bottles
    • Note that European security check-points are often stricter than those you encounter in the US. For example, London Heathrow will only allow you one (small) ziplock bag of liquids per person. They will give you a quart-size ziplock bag and you must fit all your liquids in that one bag alone.