Incredible India

We visited New Delhi, Agra and the Rajasthan state of India in 2017 to celebrate the Holi festival. India is truly a place of its own and we had a wonderful time exploring such a diverse and wonderful culture.

We chose to celebrate Holi in the most un-touristy place we could find so we could experience the true, authentic festival and not the tourist version. We certainly did that and were the only tourists in the small town of Vrindavan. India celebrates the end of winter and the start of summer with this colorful powder that they throw or rub on you in the streets. It was one of the most memorable days of our lives!

New Delhi is chaos at its peak and there’s so much life going on. Personal space is just not a thing… from New Delhi we ventured over to Agra, which is made famous by the Taj Mahal. We stayed with a sweet host family in Agra who gave us an impromptu cooking class and spent the evening showing us their extensive wedding albums (Indian weddings are perhaps the coolest in all the world!).

Next, we were off to see the highlights of the Rajasthan region, including the pink city of Jaipur and the blue city of Jodhpur. Cows are sacred in India and are left to roam the streets (and train stations…). Because it was Holi season, many of the cows had colorful powder on their faces.