Christmas in Prague

The city of Prague and its storied past has been a highlight for many of its visitors, and we’re no different. Jeffrey and I had both visited Prague before (both while studying abroad in Europe) and were itching to experience a quintessential European Christmas market this year, so Prague made the most sense.

This quick jaunt was especially significant because it marked our first major travels without our two kids in tow. This probably would have come much sooner if not for the crazy entry and re-entry requirements of the world today, but nevertheless, it was significant.

We landed in Prague on New Year’s Day – admittedly missing the height of the Christmas season (after rescheduling our planned trip in mid-December). Despite the government shutting down all Christmas Markets, several “cultural markets” were still in full swing and we happily drank mulled wine and ate sausage + potato dumplings to our hearts’ content.

What’s more: the city of Prague was alive with the Christmas spirit. Sure, it’s not in full-swing quite yet but shops and restaurants were open and the weather (in the mid-40s – 50s) was much warmer than anticipated, making our treks about town much more enjoyable.

Prague’s Castle and the Charles Bridge are, of course, the main sites to see but the most enjoyable part about Prague was walking around the old town and exploring endless alleyways. The red rooftops with some copper-covered domes sprinkled in are mesmerizing and the city comes alive underneath the twinkling Christmas lights.

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