Eating All Over the World in NYC

In the bustling city of New York, a gastronomic adventure awaits that transcends geographical boundaries. The city’s vibrant culinary scene mirrors its diverse population, offering a global tapestry of flavors that can transport your taste buds to every corner of the globe.

Join me on a journey through the kaleidoscope of global flavors that define the epicurean landscape of the city that never sleeps.

Stop One: Italian

Nestled in NYC’s Flatiron District (with another location in the Financial District), Eataly is a 50,000-square-foot Italian culinary haven. Combining a high-end grocery store, bustling food hall, and diverse eateries, it offers an immersive experience. Explore curated Italian products, from olive oils to fresh pastas. Indulge in Neapolitan pizzas and handmade pasta dishes at on-site restaurants. Eataly captures Italy’s culinary essence, inviting visitors on a delectable journey through its diverse regions in the heart of the city.

Stop Two: Chinese

Tasty Dumplings in NYC is a hidden gem for dumpling enthusiasts. Located in the heart of Chinatown, this unassuming eatery is renowned for its delectable, wallet-friendly dumplings (4 dumplings for $2 as of December 2023?!?!). Boasting a menu that focuses on simplicity and quality, Tasty Dumplings crafts flavorful pockets of joy, from classic pork and chive to inventive vegetarian options. The no-frills ambiance and the irresistible aroma of freshly steamed dumplings make this spot a favorite among locals and visitors alike. For an authentic and satisfying dumpling experience in the heart of New York City, Tasty Dumplings is a must-visit destination.

Stop Three: Japanese

Omakase, meaning “I’ll leave it to you” in Japanese, is an exquisite dining experience. Expert chefs curate a personalized culinary journey, presenting impeccably crafted, seasonal dishes that showcase the finest ingredients and precise techniques. From delicate sashimi to perfectly seasoned nigiri, each bite is a sublime exploration of Japanese cuisine.

Takumi Omakase in NYC is a culinary haven where Japanese fine dining reaches its zenith – for an affordable price (or, at least compared to other NYC omakase options!). With a minimalist yet elegant ambiance, Takumi Omakase invites diners to experience an unparalleled omakase journey. The immersive experience at Takumi Omakase transcends traditional dining, offering a symphony of flavors that captivates the senses and makes it a destination for connoisseurs seeking an authentic and memorable Japanese dining adventure in the heart of New York City.

Stop Four: Georgian

Georgian cuisine is renowned for its bold flavors, diverse ingredients, and a rich culinary heritage that reflects the country’s unique geography and history. Some key aspects of Georgian cuisine include:

Khachapuri: Often considered the national dish of Georgia, khachapuri is a type of cheese-filled bread. The most famous variety is Adjarian khachapuri, which features an open boat shape filled with melted cheese, eggs, and butter.
Khinkali: These are Georgian dumplings filled with spiced meat, typically beef or pork, and sometimes a mix of both. Khinkali are characterized by their twisted, top-knot shapes and are often enjoyed with a sprinkle of black pepper.

Khachapuri, khinkali and more… all available at Ubani, a charming Georgian eatery in the Greenwich Village neighborhood.

Stop Five: Coffee

Not far from Ubani, don’t miss Coppola Cafe a few blocks away for coffee + tasty Sicilian pastries.

Stop Six: More Chinese?!

Cafe China in NYC is a celebrated restaurant known for its authentic Sichuan cuisine and stylish ambiance. Located in Midtown Manhattan, this establishment offers a culinary journey into the bold and flavorful world of Sichuan flavors. The restaurant’s interior is reminiscent of 1930s Shanghai, creating a nostalgic and elegant atmosphere. Cafe China’s menu features a diverse selection of Sichuan dishes, ranging from classic favorites like Mapo Tofu and Dan Dan Noodles to more adventurous and traditional options. The chefs at Cafe China are known for their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and staying true to the authentic preparation methods of Sichuan cuisine, which is characterized by its bold use of spices, including Sichuan peppercorns. The restaurant has received praise for its attentive service, well-crafted cocktails, and a menu that caters to both those familiar with Sichuan cuisine and those eager to explore its rich and varied flavors.

Stop Seven: Korean

There are a number of delicious Korean BBQ restaurants in NYC – including Miss Korea, Jongro or Baekjeong NYC.

A Korean BBQ restaurant is a dining establishment that specializes in the Korean culinary tradition of grilling meat, particularly at the table. The experience is interactive, social, and often involves a variety of marinated and non-marinated meats being grilled by the diners themselves on built-in tabletop grills.

And there you have it. Around the world and back again in NYC — some of the most delicious dining experiences!