Alsace, France and its Fairy Tale Villages

Luckily, our sweet friend and former au pair is from the Alsace region of France so we’ve been able to visit her hometown a couple of times. This place is straight out of a fairy tale (and actually is the inspiration for Belle’s village in Beauty and the Beast).

It’s right on the German border and the tiny little towns are dripping with charm. Highlights include local Pinot Gris wine for the adults and pink macarons for the little girl (Davis has most enjoyed chasing the birds). We got to spend quality time with our wonderful friend and her family and that was the best treat of all (that and the homemade Tarte Flambée her family made one night!).

We didn’t get the chance to rent e-bikes and zip from vineyard to vineyard trying all of the wines but hopefully we’ll be back…

Summertime has the most beautiful weather BUT during the winter time this region is on a whole different level with Christmas markets that we’ve been dreaming of since 2018 when we first visited. Seriously, an actual snow globe. And the hot wine may be even better than the refreshing Pinot Gris.

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