Mexico City: Our Favorite Big City

Before our first trip to Mexico City (in 2016), I admittedly had pretty low expectations. I’ve always been partial to smaller towns rather than sprawling capital cities, and … let’s face it… Mexico City doesn’t exactly conjure up tropical oasis images in your mind, does it?

But, since our first trip where we absolutely fell in love with this city, we’ve been lucky enough to go back two more times. And each time, we love it even more.

The distinct neighborhoods all offer their own personalities, so it’s important to figure out what you’re looking for before booking your visit (Condesa and Roma are our favorites for their hip but bohemian feel).

One of the coolest times to visit is during Día de los Muertos celebrations, a time when family and friends gather to [joyfully!] pay respects to those who have passed away. The streets come to life with parades and all sorts of special decor. Eliza, who was not quite 1.5 years old, was not exactly thrilled with the crowds and celebrations, but the rest of us had the best time taking it all in.

The food options in Mexico City are endless, ranging from tasty and colorful street food vendors to five-star restaurants. You basically can’t go wrong.

A fun activity with lots of cultural flair is taking in the wrestling matches, known as Lucha Libre. This sport has the second-highest spectatorship (behind football) so the very packed matches are super fun, even if you typically don’t like wrestling. Plus, the wrestlers dress up with colorful outfits and even crazier masks to really up the fascination.